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Ania Grzesik


Ania Grzesik trained at Chelsea College of Art and Slade School of Fine Art. She started her career at F1 Magazine and was involved in the launch of BusinessF1 Magazine and as Art Director of SportsPro and Spectator Business magazines. Ania is the freelance creative director of the Myrtle Press, publishers of best-selling biographies on Grand Prix racing legends Ayrton Senna and James Hunt, actor Richard Burton and most recently soul superstar, Barry White. In the course of researching ‘LAKER’, Ania spent considerable time with the instigator and key protagonists of the unprecedented Laker Airways’ antitrust case against most of Europe’s state-owned airlines. Along with numerous other exclusive interviews and volumes of documents and correspondence, she has unique perspectives on Laker Airways and Sir Freddie that have never before been revealed. Ania is an artist, writer and graphic designer from Stratford-upon-Avon.


Gregory Dix


Gregory Dix worked with Sir Freddie Laker for twenty years in numerous roles. After obtaining his pilot’s licence and undergoing formative years with British Midland, Monarch and Gatwick Handling, he started with Laker Airways in their Gatwick HQ Operations department managing Laker’s fleet of aircraft on a day to day basis. Greg was sent to New York to run the flagship JFK station for Skytrain and he then set up and managed all Laker’s stations in North America for the rapid expansion of the Skytrain service. After spending over two years in pursuit of Laker’s ‘Globetrain’ inspired routes to the Far East, Australia and beyond, he oversaw Laker Airways’ North American operations to the end. Few people knew Sir Freddie better than Greg, who points out “we always seemed to be pushing the limits and doing something worthwhile.” Greg lives in western Massachusetts.


Tom Rubython

Tom Rubython has edited magazines and newspapers including Marketeer, Amusement Business, LeisureWeek, BusinessAge, Sunday Business, EuroBusiness, F1 Magazine, BusinessF1, SportsPro and Spectator Business before becoming a full-time author and book publisher in 2009. His books are published around the world and sales have now exceeded one million copies. His most successful, The Life of Senna, has sold over 350,000 copies in the English language alone. Shunt, the story of British racing driver James Hunt, now has sales approaching 150,000 copies. White Music is his first foray into the world of music and it takes the same approach as his previous biographies - a passionate and methodical approach to the process of researching and writing a book with a determination to tell the full story, emphasising what is important and de-emphasising what is not, the two skills he believes are the crucial tools of any biographer.