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"The book serves as a history of post-war aviation as well as being a strong and engaging biography. It presents a generally sympathetic portrait of Sir Freddie, but it doesn’t shy away from pointing out his flaws too."  Moneyweek - March 2019

"Thanks very much for the well researched tome on Freddie. I thought that throughout the book his personal and managerial styles were accurately portrayed." 

Robbie Robinson- former Finance Director, Laker Airways Ltd.

WOW – certainly delivers the facts without fear or favour, took me a week in quiet time but loved every page and every reveal. A real labour of love and dedication. Congratulations all round. Athol Guy, former Director - Laker Airways Australia; 

Founding member of The Seekers and former MP for Victoria, Australia.

“As an account of the 16 year life of Laker Airways, this is the authoritative version. From my perspective riding the roller coaster, the book is wholly accurate. Full of triumph and failure in equal parts, it is a well written page turner.”

John Jones - former Commercial Manager, Laker Airways Ltd.

“An amazing book and fascinating insights into the DC-10 - and of course Laker.” Geoffrey Thomas - Administrator DC-10 Appreciation Group

"Congratulations - an incredibly well researched and detailed account told in a very factual non-biased way .. of particular interest to all of us ex-Laker employees but a also a recommended read for any budding entrepreneur." Paul Bridgland - Former Laker Airways crew member



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